A lot more happening in the kitchen right now

A lot more happening in the kitchen right now

Zoltán Kovács Group Account Director 20/04/2020

Group Account Director

Maggi is a truly inspiring partner in the kitchen who lets those wishing to eat well make tasty dishes any time, in any situation. In line with this, the brand is continuously there for its consumers in the kitchen with its broad product range which lets them discover an endless number or new flavors by adding fresh ingredients.

If a brand is continuously there for its consumers in the kitchen, then it must be the case in any situation, therefore reacting fast is inevitable. This is especially important in the event of substantial changes such as the one created by COVID-19. It has more or less become a cliché lately, but the world really has turned upside down, everything has changed, which applies to all walks of life, including who cooks what, how, why and with whom. There is a lot more happening in the kitchen right now than before.

The way we see it is for a brand to be able to respond to an altered situation quickly, it needs proactivity, primarily on the agency’s part. After all, that’s what helps kickstart the kind of co-thinking with our clients that leads us to the most relevant insights, which make it a ‘walk in the park’ to find the bold solution that gives the best answer to consumers’ problems.

This is how the idea of Maggi Villámséf (Lightning Chef) was born. After all the “what should I cook today?” question causes serious headaches today, too, but it makes the situation even more difficult if one has never or only occasionally cooked at home before. With real cooks and a bold campaign, we help those that need instant help to figure out what to cook today, whether it’s with the ingredients they have at home or if they’re still just planning what to buy.

Because consumers that find themselves in a difficult situation in the kitchen can contact the Maggi Lightning Chefs directly to find truly helpful and inspiring partners. This is what we think long-term brand building with quick ideas is about.

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