Varga Fruzsina Art Director 06/07/2021

Art Director

The packaging design for Sol Montis' Absurd range was the most exciting project for me last year. A quality product, a flexible client, a good team, an unusual concept and an almost free hand: everything you need for a real love project.


The concept was already clear at the beginning of the collaboration with Zita Kovács, the communications manager of Sol Montis: legendary figures of the Mátra wine region came to life on the bag-in-box packaging. It was clear that an important aspect would be the creation of a striking and eye-catching shelf image, with a design that almost shouts out at us. Not only was this a key pillar of getting the message to the target audience, but the ever-expanding range of competing products also required us to stand out from the noise.
For any art director with an artistic flair, such a task is a real reward, as it requires a very illustrative, storytelling, interesting packaging.


As a first step, we used a strong copywriting coworking process to perfect our imaginary, once-real characters and the stories surrounding them. Brainstorming was mostly a series of competing story ideas accompanied by big laughs. It became clear that we would not have a difficult task, as there were faces similar to the Mátra legends in all our surroundings, so we gathered and developed these personality traits.
This is how we ended up with a dancing Petyke Matyi, a cool Panna Csikós, a determined Kata Szöszke and an old-fashioned Juli Görcsös.


The characters were quickly created, they just had to be brought to life. We had to take several aspects into account when creating the illustrations:

  • The aim was to create eloquent illustrations, bearing in mind that it is about wine, so the overall picture should not be childish
  • We needed a distinctive design that could function as a story as well as packaging

However, thanks to Zita and her flexible approach, we were given almost free hand, and during the creative process the designs flowed effortlessly through the client's approval circles.

As a result, we were able to combine contemporary design trends with the motifs of the Mátra wine region.

The character sketches are permeated by a major trend in illustration of the past year or two, "Broken Proportions". This means that we let go of all coded, memorized artistic or anatomical rules and use a completely fictitious, figurative way of representation. We create the dynamics and harmony of the drawing by using exaggerated or over exaggerated body parts, ignoring perspective and other design rules.

The colour palette is of course inspired by the varieties of wine, but we have tried to use no more than three or four colours to keep the palette clean and uncluttered in all cases.

As part of the storytelling concept, we used several additional illustrations on the box, which brought dynamic compositions to life. Our aim was that, although the illustration appears on a static box, it feels like Panna Csikós is about to jump off the packaging. These small additional elements or gags can be revisited later on many creative platforms.

A kind of geometric milieu permeates the whole packaging design. It's no secret that the Sol Montis solar disc inspired the imaginary grid when creating the compositions: we tried to achieve a harmonious and clean overall image.

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