„ Community, Mátra and fragrances”

„ Community, Mátra and fragrances”

Varga Fruzsina Art Director 09/08/2022

Art Director



Our team had several wine-related projects in the last two years. Among others, we had the chance to renew the brand of Mátra wine region.

So we were ready to take on the next challenge, where our task was to create the brand identity and label artworks of the community wine produced by the cooperation of the local winemakers.

Uniquely light wines, typical of the landscape, promised exciting creative solutions.

Our most important keywords were: community, Mátra and fragrances.




The first challenge was to come up with an umbrella brand idea. We had to think of a name and a concept that could be a well-identified, distinctive Mátra wine brand, and also reflect the characteristics of the local wineries as a unique product, not only in Hungary, but also on the foreign market.

Many creative directions were born. We created legends of dragons sleeping in the depths of the extinct volcanoes. Then we discovered the amazing flora of Mátra. In the end, in mutual agreement with the Client, the name and concept MyMátra was chosen. This name refers to the testimonies of local wineries that can be read on the bottle, telling what their own Mátra is like. And also highlights the fact, that wine lovers can choose their favourite from the colourful MyMátra range of different wineries year after year.



While creating the artwork, we went back to the original keywords and thought in airy, fresh visual solutions, keeping in mind that this is a community product. MyMátra is an entry-level wine of the region, in which fragrant varieties dominate, so we built the visual world mostly on feelings, moods, and colours.

As a first step, we created the symbol system of the typical aromas and fragrances of the Mátra wine region. Then we tried to present them as abstract as possible, so that the consumer looking at the label would not see separate graphic elements, but a single cloud of scents, a feeling. Once we had that, we filled these shapes, reminiscent of fruit and plant elements, with colour.

A particularity of the brand colour palette is that, although we use many shades, each colour matches all of them. This was one of the biggest challenges in the process, but it was worth the effort, as it made the design of the unique wine labels much easier later on.


After that, all we had to do was to take the most characteristic aroma and fragrance symbols of the wines and put them into our die cut label reminiscent of the silhouette of Mátra.

The graphic elements were deliberately placed randomly to reinforce the airy, floating feeling, which reminds us the fragrant character of the wines of Mátra.

The fact that we worked with the same graphic elements and colour palette meant that, although each label is different in its own way, they still form a coherent shelf image.


The MyMátra brand debuted at the beginning of May with seven winemakers from Mátra, who created their own version of this community wine. It is worth tasting them, because not only their appearance has become remarkable, but also the contents of the bottles.

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