Complex digital analysis for the perfect strategy

Complex digital analysis for the perfect strategy

Bálint Buzási Managing Partner 15/06/2021

Managing Partner

Media buying data, focus group discussions, questionnaire research, in-depth interviews, insight research, data-driven planning... We need a wide range of information to make informed strategic decisions.

There are many ways to obtain data, but the resources or time required to prepare a strategic analysis are not always the same.

There are situations in which extensive market research is essential and the conditions are right, but we know from experience that this is not always possible, while information is always needed. There is a growing demand in the market for quickly available, practical information on trends, competitors, and consumers, which provides a solid basis for communication planning and monitoring.

To solve these problems, we have developed our methodology, the Digital Ecosystem Analysis.

Digital Ecosystem Analysis

The Digital Ecosystem Analysis is a complex five-pillar analysis methodology based on digital data developed by Progressive's Digital division. It aims to explore the brand's digital ecosystem and the digital characteristics of the relevant market and to help inform strategic and business decisions based on these.

We aimed to create a digital research methodology that

  • has no spatial constraints,
  • uses digital tools and data,
  • is quick,
  • from the client-side needs little human resource investment,
  • and delivers practical, usable results that support decision-making.

Our analytical methodology is a faster and cheaper solution than traditional research methodologies, providing decision-makers with easy-to-understand, relevant, and actionable information for strategic planning.

Structure of the Digital Ecosystem Analysis

The Digital Ecosystem Analysis is built on 5 pillars to comprehensively map the digital ecosystem of a brand.

The 5 pillars of analysis are:

  • Digital Competitive Landscape Analysis;
  • Digital visibility and interest analysis;
  • Own digital channel analysis;
  • SEO audit;
  • Social listening.

We analyze digital data using various digital analytics software.

Digital visibility and interest analysis

It helps you understand people's behavior, their search interests, the digital brand awareness of your brand and competitors, and the digital visibility of topics relevant to your brand and brand.

Digital competitor landscape analysis

By analyzing competitors' website traffic and social activity data, we will map the structure, focus, seasonality, and role of each channel in competitors' digital communication and advertising strategy.

Own digital channel analysis

Examining and evaluating the digital channels currently used by the brand, their strengths, and weaknesses, the relationships, and synergies between each channel.

SEO audit

We will map your brand's website from an SEO perspective, then identify areas for improvement to make it more search engine optimized, improving its organic position in the search results.

Social listening

Through qualitative and quantitative analysis of the content available online (social media posts, blog posts, comments, articles, forum posts), we investigate brand perception on the one hand and aim to understand and explore consumers' needs, pain points, and topics of interest/concern on the other.

The Digital Ecosystem Analysis is written in a concise, understandable format with a business perspective to support strategic decision making. As well as supporting the development of communications strategy, it provides a good basis for message formulation, content development, and advertising strategy.

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