Coronavirus, the digital transformer

Coronavirus, the digital transformer

Bence Buzási, Ph.D. Creative Director 26/03/2020

Creative Director

COVID-19 transforms our lives, our work. At Progressive, we adopted a new working method on March 16. Technology has always interwoven our livers – our agility, fast response times and quality work regardless of one’s location have long been facilitated by our digital systems. Our self-developed software, corporate governance and resource management system (Progressor) and production support disposition tool (OEL) have been cloud based from the beginning. In addition to these, we’ve worked with Teams, Slack, Adobe Cloud, Sketch and for a long time. Nevertheless, the change, that we will work from home going forward, seemed huge last week. Our system engineers had one day to move our office file servers to BIX, and we had more or less the same time frame to set up a new working and meeting method.

It actually surprised me how quickly and seamlessly the physical part of all this went down. It’s been 10 days since then, and we’ve already had tender presentations, campaign launches, creative brainstorming sessions, a series of preparatory in-depth management interviews and even an on-schedule Progressor patch.

Apart from the physical changes, these 10 days taught us a lot about the team, our operation, communication, and their related challenges. In this post, I will share with you my experience with these things.

1.Leverage the opportunities that lie within tools
Teams/Slack/Adobe Cloud/Sketch/ have really cool functions that you may have never or hardly ever used. If you dig into these a little, you’ll find that they have a lot of useful functions that boost productivity which are useful even in times of peace. These include the shared drawing table, the joint note-taking possibility or the accumulated cursors on the shared screen, which lets you point to things during meetings. If you haven’t used the simultaneous editing possibility of Office files, you’ll surely use them now.

2. Consistency is key
Regular planned meetings will give rhythm to working from home. Pre-meeting agendas and keeping the timeframes precisely are crucial. We always have a live meeting about questions that concern the whole team every week, and teams do quick daily stand-ups about their projects.

3. Prioritize
Since we sit far from each other physically, it’s important that everyone proceed in line with our shared plan and the shared priorities to avoid chaos and waiting for one another. The PMs manage and prioritize each project in the Progressor. Thus, assignments and tasks are clear, moreover, team members can not only see their own tasks, but everybody else’s to-dos as well, as if they were sitting next to each other.

4. Human relations
Life isn’t always easy in home office. For some people, it’s because their kid is jumping on their head while having a singing lesson via Skype, while for others, it’s because they’re sitting all alone in front of their screen all day. Plan shared activities, support each other as much as you can!

Coronavirus turned the world upside down, therefore it is key that we adapt to the current situation. Those who adapt quickly, stay strong. This is what Progressive believes in and is ready to do for you.


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