COVID made it possible: we are world leaders in knowledge-sharing

COVID made it possible: we are world leaders in knowledge-sharing

Zita Beregszászi Head of Innovation 05/05/2021

Head of Innovation

The world’s first global knowledge-sharing event on emergency contraception took place at the beginning of this year. We started preparing the event and related communication activities at the end of last year. But why is this important, and why now?

Richter is a decisive player in the field of gynecological products, a market leader in many countries. The Hungarian center controls 60 markets in Europe, Eurasia, Far- and Middle-East. As the registration and regulatory constraints of emergency contraceptives are different in these countries, unified communication is not an easy task. The cultural differences of the different nations, the social situation and the rights of women, plus the explicit or unspoken expectation towards them paint the picture even more colorful.

They share one thing only: women in trouble need help wherever they are.

Most of them contact pharmacists making this profession our main target group. Communication targeting pharmacy pharmacists is no easy task either. The noise is overwhelming, their interest is low, while having very high threshold of stimuli. In 2019 we created a digital campaign in which pharmacists could share their experiences about how they could help women who were in need the best. This was a more effective than ever way to talk to pharmacists and we also reached gigantic growth in engagement towards Richter. Besides reaching our business goal our efforts were recognized: we won Colin Borg Creative Award, meaning our campaign was chosen to be the most creative European drug communication campaign at the Nicolas Hall CHC conference.
Richter launched a call for tenders for a similar campaign last Fall.

Our social customs changed by COVID made it possible to bring this campaign and communication to a brand new level.

We got used to living our lives in the digital space, talking before webcams. We chat more than we talk. A live event was out of the question, not only because of the pandemic but also because of attendees coming from different parts of the world, speaking different languages. After our preparatory communication campaign, we organized the very first virtual conference on emergency contraception methods in 2021 February. The global event was communicated in 30 countries, actively attended by 8000 pharmacists in 15 languages on the Progressive Event Platform.

An event of this volume and kind would have been impossible before. Our quick and flexible reactions to the new circumstances created new chances to reach members of our target group more effectively than before. The icing on the top of the cake is that the conference was barely over, but we were already shortlisted in this year’s Nicholas Hall!

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