Digitalization II. – ARE WE GOING TO THE RIGHT DIRECTION? - Measuring and analyzing

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Strategic planning is essential in long term and consistent building of a brand in the digital space, serving as the base of creating and operating the digital ecosystem tailored to our resources as we wrote before in the first part of this article.

Digital strategy is no guarantee of anything in itself: we need to monitor its effects and validity constantly. It is vital to understand the way our users behave, just as to understand the results of our digital activities to execute communication that is efficient, well-founded, and able to respond to changes, even to start fresh, when needed.

In the second part of our article, we talk about measuring and analyzing customers' behavior.

Measurement strategy

Online is great as it can be measured – we hear often. Online communication can indeed be measured better than offline, but practice shows many brands do not use all available opportunities.

We also very often face the fact that „measurement-centered" thinking is missing, measurement approach is not appropriate: measuring is discussed too late, at the very end of the planning phase, if at all. "My website is just up, set up measuring quickly!" The question comes right away: fine, but what is your goal with it, what do you want to measure and why? After a few rounds of meetings comes the measuring expert with suggestions, which also mean you have to redesign the website: unnecessary extra rounds, work hours from graphic designers, developers, and project managers, plus more time and money.

Two pieces of advice:

  1. Use the opportunities of measuring and measure everything you can!
  2. Have a measurement strategy: you will be better off if you think of measuring from the beginning of the project, looking at it from the measurer's point of view, no matter if it is website design or campaign planning!

You can of course ask for the help of a measuring expert, but without you, they can't do anything: only you can name your strategic goals, the data that matters to you, and why you want to get certain things measured. Your measuring expert will only tell you how you can do all of it.

Analyzing user behavior

Thanks to our measurement-analytical tools we can measure and analyze how our users behave online. (Of course only if we have our measurement tools set well.) Do men or women shop in my webshop/visit my brand's site? Where do my visitors come from? Which article do the most visitors read? At which time of the day do they browse on my website? Which communication channel of mine performs the best? What path do visitors follow on my website? Do they find my contact menu easily? Why don't they buy anything while the bounce rate is low and they spend a lot of time browsing my site? What do people relevant for me look for on the internet? How well-known is my brand digitally?

Familiar questions, right?

We own the digital tools that help us answer them after getting and analyzing the relevant data so that we can analyze the behavior of customers. We can gather and process our own historical data and data from a somewhat wider online sphere as well. Our goals using these tools are to understand our customers and potential customers, and to get help in strategy planning, choosing channels and tools.

Many basic tools are accessible, some even for free in the toolkit of many brands – eg. Google Analytics, Search Console, Hot Jar, Google Trends – meaning you do not even have to spend a lot. Just start using these tools/use them differently.

Our goal with these two short articles was to provoke thoughts and to show a way of thinking that helps you to find the right and efficient path in the digital world.

It is vital to work with great experts, who have an integrated vision of your brand and can provide appropriate professional support in creating your brand's digital ecosystem.

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