Giant paper elephant at the airport

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We won an award again, but what's more exciting is our collaboration with one of our major clients, such as Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Our ‘Shape of Success’ concept, which provided the framework for the 2022 Budapest Airport Awards Gala, received professional recognition.


After the Covid lockdowns, BUD prepared more than usual for the first handover ceremony. They aimed to fill the Terminal 1 Event Center with partners and suppliers to appreciate their work.


According to our art director Fruzsina Varga, the task was to come up with a creative event concept that would focus on the relationship between BUD and its partners and their jointly achieved success. ‘We needed a sufficiently motivating message, which was given extra significance by the fact that the concept production and implementation took place during Covid's active period, and the visualization of planning ahead was particularly important. We designed a really high-quality, elegant award ceremony.’


We always put co-creation and collaboration at the heart of the concepts, with each concept presented in a different creative form. In the final concept, we complemented the idea of collaboration with the visual world of origami. White paper returns in most of the event elements, symbolizing the solid base, and thus BUD. These elements are transformed into spectacular natural forms. This has presented the added value of the partners. It is in this co-creation that BUD's success lies, as all the key elements of the event demonstrated.



The origami symbol system was chosen for several reasons. The paper texture, which recurred in the creative elements, clean and elegant, and the main colors of the event were white, black, and the gold that is also part of BUD's image. The different polygonal shapes, which are very similar to origami folding patterns, are an important element of BUD's look. This way, any kind of figurative element can be created, turning the event space into a unique world. Terminal 1 was filled with animals and plant elements.


We were given a lot of freedom in terms of creative surfaces. In addition to the fixed elements of the Event Space (CLP, stop signs, etc.), we dreamed up huge paper installations at different points of the event. In addition to life-size panthers, we also created an elephant and other jungle accessories.


In each case, we made sure that the creative elements reflected the process of co-creation, so we not only used ready-made, assembled elements but also large white paper elements with different shapes emerging from the ends (e.g., a photo wall).


The most spectacular element of the event, and the biggest creative challenge, was the design of the stage and the content on it. As we used polygonal folded shapes, the stage was given a unique, non-symmetrical frame. This frame also encompassed the LED wall, in which we designed animations that matched and even complemented this design.


‘The task was not only significant as a designer but also the organization of the workflow and the collaboration and communication with the contractors was a new professional challenge.’


According to Richárd Lengyel (Director of Live Communication), the concept was very easy to build on. The décor, the program, the stage design, and every little detail were well integrated. At the beginning of the event, guests could create an origami table decoration as an icebreaker activity. We also paid attention to the ecological aspects; we used recycled paper for the decorations and origami-effect wood for the prizes. After the event, we offered the installation to be incorporated as an aid. ‘All in all, the concept hit the spot, and we were able to follow it up nicely in the implementation.’

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