Have you ever petted a wall?

Have you ever petted a wall?

Bence Buzási, Ph.D. Creative Director 04/03/2020

Creative Director

The first product of our innovation lab is finished!

For years, the need for an interactive solution has come up in a number of event projects. In times like this, back in the day, we would make a microsite or iPad app, then a bit later, VR games or even a complex VR platform. However, 21” touch kiosks are boring now, VR is frequently only exciting for the individual, and traditional AR can only be seen by a few people at the same time, too. In addition, the latter two require the visitor to use a device, which by now has become too high an entry threshold in comparison with what the thing promises.

It was about a year ago that we started experimenting with devices that could let us take a step forward and make it possible for us to create interactive surfaces in a way that doesn’t require holding an extra device, and which is eye-catching and enjoyable for crowds as well.

We explored the latest solutions that were available globally and chose the most suitable one together with our development team. Before long we received our favorite new toys. In only a few weeks of development and testing, we managed to synchronize everything with everything, and bring into life the projected AR technology that lets us transform a surface of any size and material into whatever we wanted. What’s more, it also makes it multi-touch, meaning that whatever that we can project onto (metal, wood, glass, paper, plastic, vapor…) we can map and make it touch sensitive in only a few minutes! Basically, setting it up is a piece of cake once the content is done right first

Before long, we received our first order. Although we had our fair share of challenges during the implementation phase, we finished our first software in time. We were happily petting the wall in our office, we were excited that it reacted to us and that maybe it wasn’t so difficult after all.

The solution made its first live debut at the CES expo in Vegas – where else but the world’s largest consumer technology innovation event? :)
As we were pacing the event, we ascertained that the product holds water on a global level as well, so we were far from satisfied.

Together with Torter, we attended the world’s biggest trade fair, the Euroshop Tradefair in Düsseldorf to assess how much room there was for us on the market. We had levelled up by that time and attended with a much more complex and exciting game. Another specialty of the demo was that in order to increase the experience, we didn’t design the game for a plain painted wall, but on surfaces covered in rugs and different kinds of fur to indicate that we really were able to make any surface touch sensitive.

We came home with a number of positive experiences and we are developing our next program with full speed to further increase the functions and challenges.

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