How to open a restaurant? Take a brilliant idea, add an enthusiastic team and spice it up with digital innovation!

How to open a restaurant? Take a brilliant idea, add an enthusiastic team and spice it up with digital innovation!

Völcsei Dóra Account Director 05/04/2022

Account Director

Modern, dynamic, premium ¬ this is the best way to describe the capital's newest upscale restaurant, YAMA, which our agency has made unforgettable with unparalleled communication and design solutions.

 How will the experiential contemporary Asian fusion cuisine be unique on the Hungarian gastronomic map?


After winning a marketing agency tender in early 2021, it was inevitable that the owners would not only want to see their experiences from around the world reflected in the food and drink and restaurant interiors, but also wanted a partner who could adapt their ideas to their needs.

For Progressive, this was a particularly challenging task, as with the branding of numerous bars and culinary brands behind them, creating the YAMA experience promised to be a glamorous and exciting challenge.

Of particular note is the approach that permeated the design throughout our work: we saw the perspective not only in the presentation of the dishes, but also in the referencing of the strange mix of sounds, sights and atmosphere.


An enthusiastic team that offers solutions to everything

It's an honour to be asked to create something new, to build something from the ground up and to be in synergy with the creators. In gastronomic marketing, it's a challenge to adapt dreams and visually transform ideas so that the end result reflects them in physical reality.

"YAMA is a real pleasure for Progressive and we are proud to be such a close and real partner in seeing the restaurant come to fruition. We have developed a strong visual concept that is able to convey the inimitable YAMA experience beyond gastronomy in the restaurant and on digital platforms", emphasized Orsolya Szabó, the agency's Chief Operating Officer.

The main pillar of the joint work was the creation of a well-structured strategic plan that focuses on communication solutions tailored to the customer journey. Within the framework of the cooperation, we were responsible for the branding and marketing strategy, as well as for the full PR and marketing communications. One of our key tasks was to ensure that the online communication captured the YAMA experience that appeals to all senses. The launch of the campaign was preceded by a comprehensive background analysis. Relevant search volumes, SEO research, search engine optimisation, trends, including talkability, sharebility and micro-moments were key planning considerations. Subsequently, as the end of the year is the most intense period in hospitality beyond the summer, a broad spectrum, decisive launch campaign and an effective media mix were planned for the launch period.

"In 2021, we will also be competing with smartphones for attention. A brands' presence is useful in consumers' lives if they can make us interesting through experiences and boost our presence in the social space." - stressed our colleague Áron Szabó, who is head of the digital division.

We have also delivered unique solutions to introduce YAMA to the public consciousness, support the opening, create "hype" and encourage bookings. YAMA is a compass for consumers on how to be visible in the social space. The communication provides shareable, snackable content and information that supports virality and PR shareability.


And that particular spice...

We thought of one and took the ingredients and created something really new and exciting. The digital channels feature ASMR videos, beauty snippets, logo animations, all of which help to effectively communicate a multisensory experience. Awareness building is supported by a banner and YouTube video campaign.

Our design team has also paid a lot of attention to the identity media. As a unique solution in our country, a laser engraved, touch-free menu is available to guests. The luxury feel is also reflected in the accessories. Handmade, minimalist-style chopstick holders, premium-quality printing and clean graphics characterise the branding.

In addition, Progressive supported the launch of YAMA with special, almost employer branding solutions, as we sharpened an online HR recruitment campaign on social channels.

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