What is LAB?

What is LAB?

Bence Buzási, Ph.D. Creative Director 03/02/2020

Creative Director

Our essence is progress. This is true for the team in general and exponentially true for Tibi and me. Nothing inspires me more than a task that seems insolvable or an opportunity to spice something up; to introduce a new logical way of thinking, technology, materials, surfaces, shapes or colors. We were not able to make the most of the knowledge we have accumulated over the past 20 years through advertisements and events as of today, when digitalization enables us to connect really everything with everything. And with everyone. During uncountable projects we not only encountered with interesting problems, but we were able to meet with fantastic innovators who stand for the Great Things of Life, just as us.

LAB is Progressive’s innovation lab. We unite the knowledge and ideas of the best professionals in the creative, developmental, event and production area to accomplish tasks that were impossible in the past – in a rational framework of course. We change the teams depending on the task. In addition to the developers and audiovisual professionals, we also work with a psychologist, a material engineer and with even a skinner. We solved exciting and unique professional challenges together, without the given film, campaign or installation would not exist. 

We do not know the impossible and we believe that innovation requires the best team. At LAB, Progressive and its partners work in this spirit to make dreams come true that others cannot even imagine. This is why we are the most innovative advertising agency in Hungary. Stay tuned and get inspired!

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