Market leading concept

CETEBE <br>LONG-LASTING <span class="nowrap">VITAMIN C</span>

As consumers don’t think there’s a real difference between vitamin C products, cheap vitamin C brands had weakened Cetebe’s position in the market significantly. In order to regain Cetebe’s market leading position, our most important task was to differentiate them from their competitors, explain the product benefit to the target audience, and thereby convert traditional vitamin C consumers to Cetebe consumers.

We needed to explain that vitamin C products are not the same: there’s scientific evidence that Cetebe can be utilized better and it’s better in quality, and that’s why it’s more expensive. Because of the complexity of the message, television proved to be the most efficient communication channel, therefore we created a new TVC, in which we demonstrated Cetebe’s working mechanism and explained the product benefits. Our creative concept was later adopted on an international level as well.

In addition to the TV commercial, we also created communication material and press ads for pharmacists as part of the campaign. This helped them to exceed the brand’s sales results of multiple years in the past and regain its market leading position.

CETEBE <br>LONG-LASTING <span class="nowrap">VITAMIN C</span>