A dynamic and playful launch campaign

A dynamic and playful launch campaign

Mizo Milkshake Integrated campaign

We created an integrated communication launch campaign with Sole-Mizo for the Mizo Milk Shake product family.

The goal of the integrated communication campaign was to familiarize consumers with the new product type, as well as to position the brand as a product that meets modern consumer needs.

We built the creative concept on two of the Milk Shake’ characteristic features: the unique flavor and the shaking – the latter representing dynamicness and playfulness which are both relevant for the target group.

The young people who form the target group and who are open and willing to try out new things got to taste all four flavors at the Milk Shake Balaton Roadshow and during the TRND project. In addition to this, we were also tasked with designing the logo, the packaging, the carton and the four pack, creating the key visual and developing a short animated film. In addition to the Facebook sweepstake, the Facebook adverts and banners, the product launch was also supported by POS materials, a radio and press campaign, as well as advertisements in public places and on vehicles.