A strong concept for the strongest Neo Citran

A strong concept for the strongest Neo Citran

Neo Citran capsule Integrated Campaign

GSK introduced a new product to the market within its Neo Citran portfolio, the Neo Citran capsule pill, which offers consumers the efficiency of the popular oral powder.

We designed a key visual and awareness increasing out-of-home materials for the launch campaign. Our job was to evidently highlight the new form of the medication on the creative advertisements. We built our visual concept on depicting the capsule in an inventive way which connects the efficiency of the well-known oral powder with the advantageous benefits of the new product. The efficiency of this has been confirmed by Synetiq’s research.

On the creatives displayed on street posters, in metro carriages and beside the escalators, we aligned the messages to the consumers’ travelling habits, thus emphasizing the product benefit in relevant situations: the power of Neo Citran is accessible with 2 capsules anytime and anywhere.