Brand building with a positive twist

Brand building with a positive twist

Kronenbourg Blanc 1664 Social Media

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The wheat beer category is a very exciting area within the entire beer market. Also competing here is the Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, marketed by Carlsberg, which stands out from the category with its elegant style.

Our cooperation with the brand to manage the entire brand communication began in 2020. Our client wished to have more intensive communication compared to the previous years based on the new central concept. We focused mostly on social media channels in addition to localizing the content received from the center, we made the communication more personal by producing our own content, thus bringing the brand closer to domestic consumers. We also define the advertising strategy and its implementation in close cooperation with the media agency.

2021 holds exciting challenges as new market entrants appear in the category, and the status of the hospitality and event industry has become precarious due to the pandemic. During the partnership, it became clear that due to the peculiarities of the Hungarian market, the central materials are not sufficient, therefore, thanks to the results achieved last year, we had the opportunity to expand the central creative platform with our own concept and campaign elements.