Digital demonstration in an analogue space

Digital demonstration in an analogue space

Smart City Expo

event B2B LAB

We developed a network-connected high-tech demo booth for Deutsche Telekom’s participation at the Barcelona Smart City World Congress.

This time we showcased in a spectacular and understandable way a dozen technological solutions in the interactive space that economical decisionmakers might have a hard time comprehending, such as network firewalls in urban infrastructure. We used a special domino table, which was developed in the Progressive I/O Lab, to present the cascade effect that a cyberattack could cause in our daily lives in the areas of transportation, finance, health care and public administration.

What makes the device special is that like in digital games, it is possible to go to a different phase, which requires the realignment of the dominoes in real life. The full logical, software and hardware background, the unique control of the precision motors and their communication with the game engine were designed by the Progressive I/O Lab.