Long-term co-operation, inexhaustible momentum

Long-term co-operation, inexhaustible momentum

XL-S Medical Testimonial Campaign

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Omega Pharma’s XLS-Medical brand has been in a successful strategic co-operation with Progressive since its 2016 launch in Hungary. As the weight-loss category is characterized by low brand loyalty and repurchase, we backed up the “lose more weight than by just dieting” message with a testimonial concept to be convincing and credible.

First, we chose testers who got to try out the product as part of a 6-week course, complemented by regular exercises. We kept record of their experiences, created TVCs and online films of their results, and reached the target audience using advertising in pharmacies, PR articles and banners. In 2019, we continued the campaign with the persons who kept on using the product, which, due to the spectacular changes they underwent in the past years, demonstrated the long-lasting effect in a credible way.

The portfolio has since been expanded by multiple product variants, and our well-working concept made XLS Medical become one of Omega Pharma’s most successful brands in our country since its launch.