New name for international success

New name for international success

Rebranding Kovács and Daughter Winery

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Communication strategy and rebranding by us helped a dynamic wine brand in entering the international market. Following a name and branding change, we fully renewed their website and social media presence, as well as online, out of home and in store assets.

One of the largest wineries of Mátra, Kovács and Daughter commissioned us to create a new corporate identity and to communicate the rebranding. As a first step we created a new brand for the winery known for its innovative ambitions: they now market their wines under the Sol Montis brand, targeting discerning buyers in the domestic and the international market as well.

The new name is a reference to the location, meaning the Sun Mountain, where the sun and the mountain meet. This is symbolised by a series of letters hovering above the stylised silhouette of the Mátra, following the lines of the mountain range. The clearly identifiable, clean design links the three wine families marketed by the winery: the classic wines are characterised by the colours referring to the varieties, the premium wines by the well-known illustrations, and the understated elegance of the estate wines are worthy of the noble content.