Organizational transformation at Deutsche Telekom

Organizational transformation at Deutsche Telekom

Deutsche Telekom

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Together with Deutsche Telekom, we have created the world's first Anython - not just an "event", but something that has never been done before. Our task was to organize and implement this whole unique event.

The aim of the one-day workshop was to pinpoint and support Deutsche Telekom's more than 200,000 employees who are at the forefront of organizational change. In the planning phase, we examined the best barcamps and design thinking workshops and incorporated them into an event richer in commitment and contribution than ever before.

We have created a multidimensional, continent- and culture-independent, ever-changing visual world that illustrates the global challenges facing Deutsche Telekom. Content generation was given high priority in the communication strategy, so the basic aim of the event elements was also to encourage participants to record and share.

The creative implementation won the HR KOMM Design Gold and RGB Creative Design, Event Design RED awards.