Phenomenal open-air cinemas

Phenomenal open-air cinemas

Telekom Moziclub Picnic


With Telekom, we took the long lost experience of open-air cinemas to small settlements in Hungary.

Decades ago, cinemas were an important community program for people living in small settlements, but with the closure of local cinemas, this opportunity ended, although the demand for it remained. The people here were just waiting for the right time.

Moziklub Piknik is a series of summer events consisting of 8 stations. We took the long lost community experience of garden cinemas to rural settlements for the enjoyment of more than 3,500 people across the country.

We prepared for the closing event of the series of events with a special surprise. During the screening of the film Cat City, the Cotton Club Singers, who originally sang the insert songs, took the stage, so the cinematic experience exceeded all expectations. The video of the event inspired even more people and also gave community life a new boost.