Quick, easy, environmentally conscious

Quick, easy, environmentally conscious

Berger Házak Branding

We laid the foundation of a new brand as part of a strategic cooperation. Our job was to fully build the Berger Házak brand, extending from strategy through visual identity to conducting the launch campaign.

Berger Házak was founded in response to the opportunities in the construction industry in 2017 as a successor to Beregszászi Gerendaházak, a long-established company known for its log houses. The company constructs durable private houses and public buildings from high-quality, treated wood components and environmentally friendly materials using an automated technology which, although is still unique on the domestic market, has long been applied in Western Europe. As a responsible company, it strives to reduce the ecological footprint of the construction industry in Hungary, therefore it attempts to contribute to the spread and extensive usage of innovative, environmentally friendly solutions.

Progressive and Berger Házak have worked in close strategic collaboration from the beginning, in order to support building the brand and the sale of the European-quality prefabricated houses. We have built and implemented a communication strategy on the brand’s website, social media platforms and in the press.