Vigorous market entry

Vigorous market entry

Rectovenal Acute launch campaign

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In order to successfully introduce the Rectovenal Acute brand to the Hungarian market with Stada Hungary, it was necessary to create a unique market appearance which is well differentiated from the competition.

During the development of our creative strategy, we searched for insight that puts the quality of life of those living with this problem at the forefront, and also to create an opportunity to display emotions while keeping the focus on the product’s USP and benefits. Instead of illustrating the pain, we presented the consequences of the problem in a creative concept, which are based on qualitative and quantitative research results. With subtle humor our commercial depicts how members of our typically heterogeneous target group part from their favorite seating - due to the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids.

In the first phase of the integrated campaign, TV and radio appearances will play a key role and we have constructed a creative platform for digital and offline interfaces in the long run without having to change the concept.