Vitamin C with unique layered time particles

Vitamin C with unique layered time particles

Cetebe Integrated Campaign

We created a communication campaign with GSK to emphasize the benefits of Cetebe vitamin C products and to win back their market position.

Consumers believe that there is no real difference between vitamin C products, so Cetebe’s market position had deteriorated significantly due to cheap vitamin C brands. In order to win back Cetebe’s leading position, our most important job was to make their product benefits comprehensible for the target group, and thus to convert traditional vitamin C consumers into Cetebe consumers.

In the internationally adaptable creative concept, we explained that not all vitamin C products are the same: it is scientifically proven that Cetebe is utilized better and is better quality, hence it’s more expensive. We developed a new TVC, in which we demonstrated the working mechanism of Cetebe, and made the product benefits unequivocal.

In addition to the commercial, we produced communication materials targeting pharmacists and press adverts for the campaign. This made it possible for the brand to exceed its sales compared to the previous years and regain its market-leading position.