We brought the world's leading telco companies together

We brought the world's leading telco companies together

Virtual show in 30 countries at the same time

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Freemove is an alliance of Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telia and TIM, who are present all over the world by integrating their services. We joined the alliance by organizing a fantastic, interactive, two-day long All Hands show.
The biggest challenge was to organize an exciting but also engaging program for people working for different companies that would enjoy them during the two-day long event. To accomplish the task, Progressive have developed team games that are capable of entertaining even 250 people. For example, our 360-degree virtual escape room game, which took the participants to 9 cities around the world. The creative games and visual experience were delivered by Progressive LAB. Due to interactive programs; the virtual event allowed the attendees to leave with the same experiences and feelings just as from a face-to-face event. Moreover, GetTogether also debuted at this event. Progressive brought virtual space closer to real encounters with the new solution, meaning that with real-time rendering we were able to organize a common platform for the participants who had their web cameras turned on, regardless of the app on which they logged in.
The event took place on Progressive’s self-developed event platform, and this time there was 270 participants from 30 countries.

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