A memorable experience

A memorable experience

Sensodyne Rapid Integrated Campaign

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We created a brand experience campaign with GSK to raise the category of Sensodyne Rapid.

The backbone of the summer campaign was a tooth sensitivity test which could be taken in department stores and public places. If the participant’s teeth had a sensitive reaction to ice cream, we offered a product sample. The on-site presence was reinforced with precisely targeted digital support.

We used the campaign to draw attention to the product, and despite the fact the tooth sensitivity is an unpleasant problem, the target group linked the Sensodyne Rapid toothpaste to a positive experience. During the 3-month promotion, more than 87 000 consumers took the ice cream test, and we reached a total of 124 000 people. Thanks to this, we increased the sales of Sensodyne by 17%, the sales of Sensodyne Rapid tripled, and the market share of the brand grew significantly.

The campaign became a regional best practice.