A TV channel as a flatmate?

A TV channel as a flatmate?

Comedy Central Family Integrated Campaign

We have created an integrated launch campaign with Viacom for a new channel, Comedy Family.

The growth of Comedy Central had stagnated in 2016, its market share had started to decrease due to the appearance of new channels. In order to halt the trend, our client Viacom decided to launch a new channel under the name Comedy Central Family. Our job was to position the new channel effectively with an integrated campaign and to win back the lost market share.

The brand’s target group considers their favorite series an important part of their lives, and the characters in those series practically become a part of the viewers’ daily lives. It’s as if the new channel and the main characters moved into the viewers’ homes. This is the thought that became the center of the communication and media strategy, too.

Due to the strong online presence of the target group, digital campaign elements were given great emphasis in addition to TVC and OOH advertising: on the one hand, sites with high visitor numbers, on the other, relevant humorous thematic packages. As the concept stated that the new channel will be a partner in the viewers’ lives, we also used dating sites in the media mix. Thanks to the campaign, we successfully positioned the new channel and, at the same time, managed to halt and reverse the negative trends, too.