Do festivals only make noise at the venue?

Do festivals only make noise at the venue?

Telekom Electronic Beats

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We activated the recently reintroduced Telekom Electronic Beats platform before the festival season and at the largest Hungarian festivals. We demonstrated how festival experiences could be made even fuller and more exciting with the help of the coolest cartoon band in the world, Gorillaz.

The first part of the campaign was built on Gorillaz and a special app, which let young people log in from any magenta platform and access special Gorillaz content. In the next stage of the campaign, we used continuously generated exclusive content, FB live interviews, Instagram posts and promotional activities at the venues to create an even fuller and more intensive festival experience.

The campaign successfully spoke to the millennial target group. The Lenz app was downloaded by close to 9000 people, and in total we reached more than 840,000 people and activated 3000 people during the roadshows and festivals. 86,000 individual users watched our YouTube video, and we reached more than 750,000 people with our Instagram and Snapchat content. Thus overall, the branded content and brand experience activity resulted in more than 1 million views for the brand.